In late 2016, Knoxville, TN artist Adam Penland - otherwise known as DeadH3ad - found himself at a crossroads. Penland, who at the time served as the front man for Knoxville metal band The Creatures In Secret, found his musical interests beginning to gear more toward hip-hop, trap, and rap. Stress was beginning to build for the young artist. Struggling to find a proper way to cope with that stress, he made a pact to himself; start saving up for studio time and begin writing again.

Penland made the difficult decision leave The Creatures In Secret in order to pursue his new passion. He found that in his worst moments, if he could sit down and focus on making a beat, by the time he was finished his stress had vanished. Since then, he's recognized just how powerful and cathartic the music making and writing process can be. With his background in metal, DeadH3ad came up with an idea. He thought, "what if you took rap/trap, added a twist to it, and put some metal lyrics and a heavy vibe around it?" That's where he first got the idea for his current project, "Suicidal Thoughts."

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